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Gardens beautify the surrounding. Interior and exterior gardens are made carefully to make the house look good. Vertical gardens are set up in the interior of the house for the purpose of beautification. The term vertical gardening refers to the technique where the plant is allowed to grow upward and not along the ground. Few plants like Ivy and few vegetable need support to grow upwards. The process includes careful selection of plants and also a selection of support on which the plant grows. Vertical gardening includes the growing of food plants in the modular kitchen, as well.

Few points to be kept in mind while growing a vertical garden:

An indoor vertical garden does not take up extra space. It produces a huge amount of fruits or vegetable if planted and looked after properly. If your house is blessed with abundant sunlight then you can choose your balcony as the place for vertical gardening. Following are the points to be kept in mind:

§  A Perfect Shelf:

Most of the vegetables can be grown in containers. Therefore, the plants can be placed on shelves and positioned in a vertical garden in such a way that all the plants get the same amount of sunshine. There are various types of shelves available in the market. Slates are the best type of shelves for vertical gardening. Slates are good because this allows more circulation of air and water on the top shelves will trickle down to the bottom. Hanging baskets can also be a good option. Peppers and cherry tomatoes grow well in them. Trailing plants like sweet potato vine can also be grown in the basket. Trellises are other possible support used in vertical gardening.

§  Shade Factor:

While planning for a vertical gardening, one must keep in mind the shade factor of the area where the plants are placed. The plants in such ways tend to grow upwards and thus make the plant below suffer for shade. Therefore, vertical structures like the tepees and arbors must be placed in a position that the plants below receive sufficient sunshine. There are certain plants that enjoy shades. Those can be kept underneath. In this method of placement, the plants underneath do not suffer. 

§  Wise Choice Of Plants:

The choice of plants for your vertical gardens must depend on the area where the plants are placed.  There are various plants which love shade and grow well in the shade. The plants grow vertically upwards so the individual must keep in mind that the height of the plant is kept such that it can be easily pruned.

This indoor gardening way is an innovative solution to beautify the house and the surrounding.  One needs to be creative and find out newer ways of decorating the indoors. Vertical garden kit helps in taking proper care of the plants grown indoors.