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livingholmesdesignGrowing gardens vertically instead of growing them horizontally are quite famous among the urban gardening fans in the recent days. The rise in popularity of the vertical gardens is due to the fact that they offer several advantages to the homeowners. If you are living in compact apartments and you have less space for gardening, then with the help of the vertical hydrophilic installations you can grow fruits, flowers and crops in a small area of square footage. You do not require a big courtyard or a piece of land to grow flowers. The living walls are easily installed indoor and outdoor.

You may be thinking that the concept of growing outdoor and indoor vertical garden is totally latest, but you are wrong. This concept dated back to 1930, and more ancient example is the Hanging Garden of Babylon. The living walls can be installed at the residential as well as commercial buildings. They are effective in making the air clean. They require maintenance and water for their sustenance. This following guide will help you to get all the answers related to the vertical living walls.





What Are Vertical Walls?


The green living walls are vertical panels of plants that are grown with the help of the hydroponic technique. They grow on the structures that may be self-standing or get support from the walls. They are also known as eco walls or green walls.



When Were They Invented?

The concept of growing the plants vertically was first patented by Stanley Hart White in the year 1938. He was known as the God Father of “vegetal wall”. The green walls are known as green facades in the recent days. They are different from the climbing plants and they are held against a strong structure. These green structures help in bringing back nature at the urban atmosphere. Nowadays, the concrete buildings are expanding and pollution is rising in an alarming rate. But when you are installing the green walls at the buildings, you are reducing the effect of global warming. Incorporating selected plants into the cutting edges, the green facades are devised in restoring natural balance.

Green Walls Improve The Air Quality

After the industrial revolution, various types of modern achievements have increased the levels of air pollution. The polluting agents are degrading the quality of air. From our childhood, we have learnt that plants clean the environment by absorbing the pollutants from the air. The plants take carbon dioxide from the air and gives out oxygen to the atmosphere. A recent study has revealed that there is a great impact of the green plants in purifying the air from the pollutants. The outdoor vertical gardens protect the buildings from the changing weather conditions as well.


Thus, the green facades are quite effective in bringing back the nature in the modern urban culture. They are effective in reducing global heat and protecting the buildings, as well. You have to install a good vertical garden by using a compact vertical garden kit.